Exploring Delhi

My first full day exploring Delhi!! Honestly, I was expecting to not like Delhi at all – but I absolutely love it. It’s an exhausting city but very thrilling at the same time. I met most of my group today (2 more are arriving tomorrow) and they are all lovely. We all met in the early afternoon and went for lunch, then we wandered around old Delhi and I did some shopping. My first time haggling in India!! I was quite scared to haggle but did very well – even with the first shop owner I haggled with – she was very intimidating. I bought 3 pairs of pants – I absolutely adore Indian fashion. I am fully embracing it and would be happy to dress like this every day for the rest of my life!! All of the pants are a bit too short for me, though – since I am so tall. Most people in India are so very kind and I love interacting with just about anyone here. We had the most precious experience with 3 Indian children – they came up to us with the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen and excitedly shouted “hello!” multiple times.

After shopping, we went for more of a wander and explored New Delhi a bit – including an underground market. By this point, I was bursting to pee so badly that my bladder hurt and I simply could not wait anymore. This is a horrible situation to be in in India. We found a “public convenience” toilet and I went in fully expecting it to be as gross as it was. Unfortunately, my low-crotch pants dunked in the lovely ish on the ground at one point. It was horrible but I felt much better afterwards (those pants have already been dropped off to be washed tomorrow morning!). We then took a cycle rickshaw to dinner – it was so much fun but quite scary in the dark areas without lights!!

I was the first to order my meal and as soon as I ordered, the power went out. First power outage in India – we were officially welcomed! Luckily, the restaurant had a generator so we were only in darkness for about 2 minutes. I have not taken any photos yet – I am so disappointed in myself, but Delhi is just so busy! I’m afraid if I concentrate on taking photos, I’ll get hit by a scooter, auto rickshaw or car. The pollution is really starting to get to me – I can definitely feel it in my chest. It will be good to get out of Delhi, but for now – I am thoroughly enjoying it. Tomorrow, we will explore some more and have a rooftop dinner with live music.

3 thoughts on “Exploring Delhi

  1. Hi Chelsea this is Bill just checking in. Understand about being to busy to post but hope you are getting a lot of pictures. Have fun and stay safe.

    • Hi Bill!!! Yes, I am taking many photos and it is quite frustrating that I can’t upload them at this time but I promise I will. The wifi is just so weak – I usually only have it for about a minute at a time. India is amazing!!

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