The craziest shower experience I’ve ever had

Hi all – I haven’t written in awhile. I was without wifi for almost a week. I promise I will be catching up very soon – I’ve been super busy and loving every second in India!

It’s pretty common knowledge that you can’t always have hot water in a country like India. Until now, I did not realize it was possible to not be able to get cold water. I just had the craziest shower experience of my life…

First of all, let me start with the fact that when I shower every night in India, each time I say that I have never wanted to shower so badly in my life. The hours of sweat combined with the dirt is a special mix that somehow just makes one want to shower. So, tonight I go to have my shower quite late – right before I was going to go to bed. Yes, I was SO excited. I get in and the water is nice and warm – perfect temperature. I put shampoo in my hair and just before I went to rinse it out, the water suddenly turned scalding hot. I fiddled with the knobs every which way for a good ten minutes before I realized the only temperature option at that time was scalding. Oh, India… you never fail to amaze me and make me laugh. So, I’m standing there with my hair all sudsed up, trying to rinse it while dodging the water at the same time, doing the “hot potato” dance. It was so hot, no one would be able to tolerate it. While trying to rinse my hair, I had tears in my eyes it was burning me that badly. Let’s just say, I am going to bed with shampoo in my hair and I will never complain about a cold shower again. I’ve been lying in bed laughing about this for over an hour now.

I am currently in Udaipur and it is so beautiful. I love everything about this city. My time in India is quickly coming to an end and I’m quite sad about that! Who would have thought.

3 thoughts on “The craziest shower experience I’ve ever had

  1. Hey my Corey!!!!!! I’m so happy to read about some of ur amazing experiences uve already had aand that you truly enjoyed your trip in India 😀 all of your hard work in preparation and planning paid off and I knew it would! I just wanted to let u know I’m thinking about u on my bday as I know u will be moving onto your next location!!!!!! I hope u continue to have the time of ur life and I can’t wait to hear all about it!!! Love you tons ❤

  2. Too funny!!
    A freezing-water-shower is definitely tolerable, but a scalding hot! you probably run the risk of losing your hair! Did you ever find out why that happened??

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