Udaipur, Pushkar & A Sad Farewell to India

I promise I am going to make a sincere effort to not post too many more “quick recap” posts on my blog. I know they are quite boring to read – I’ve just been getting a bit overwhelmed with how much I have to talk about!

Udaipur, India was amazing. Definitely one of my favorite cities in India. A nice breeze, not too hot, beautiful, small city, friendly people. It has a very European feel – you definitely don’t feel like you are in India when you are in Udaipur.  On our free day in Udaipur, I got an ayurvedic massage (which was a very interesting experience – it was relaxing but very non-Western in the sense that they didn’t work on my problem areas which I needed because I had a sore back!!) I also took a cooking class with a few members of our group. I was a bit hesitant to go because I was feeling very lazy but I knew this was an opportunity of a lifetime and I would regret it if I didn’t do it! It was quite an incredible experience and we made a lot of amazing food. We made: a spinach beet salad, Bhindi Masala, a Kashmiri dish, Navratan Korma and Chapati.

In Udaipur, we ate at Natraj Dining Hall – only 110 rupees for the BEST (unlimited) traditional Rajasthani thali. Thali is a great food choice when in India because it allows you to sample a bit of many different curries.

Pushkar has amazing shops – if I went home after India, I would have purchased a whole new wardrobe in this city!! Our hotel, the Pushkar Heritage Hotel, felt like a little retreat – it was so quiet, beautiful and relaxing!

On March 24th, our final day of the tour, we were in the car the whole day driving from Pushkar to Delhi. We got back to Delhi at 5:30 p.m. and showered and got ready for our farewell, final dinner. We ate at the Pind Balluchi restaurant (the same place that catered our dinner the night before the tour started). Amazing food – we all shared a bunch of different things. I dressed up for our final dinner and stupidly wore my flats – really not suitable for walking in Delhi especially after rain!! I got my final sweet lassi after dinner (I can’t tell you how much I miss them now!)

Monique left early in the morning the day after our tour ended – I stayed up pretty much all night with her. This was a very difficult goodbye for me and after she left, it was so weird to have a hotel room to myself! I planned to relax my last 2 days in Delhi, but this of course did not happen. I ran around trying to get two of my prescription medications and this task was much more difficult than expected! We probably went into ten different pharmacies and only got one of the two medications after much persistence.

On my last morning in India, I woke up at 6:30 a.m. with Delhi Belly! Thank you so much India for the kind parting gift. Dealing with Delhi Belly on a travel day is an absolute blast, let me tell you. Luckily I purchased some Cipro earlier in the trip “just in case” so I was able to start taking it right away. The same driver that picked me up from the airport when I arrived dropped me off at the airport – full-circle! It was very bittersweet – I really was sad to leave India. I could actually feel a hole in my heart after all of the goodbyes/”see you later”s. Our tour group truly became like family to me and I am so very thankful I chose to go on this tour. I truly cannot wait to return to India – this trip literally opened my eyes to a whole new world.

I can hardly believe I have already been traveling for one month!! Time can slow down anytime now!

I tried to upload photos to include with this post, but no such luck – the wifi signal is too weak. This is very disappointing and I really do apologize!

2 thoughts on “Udaipur, Pushkar & A Sad Farewell to India

  1. So sorry you acquired traveler’s D. Rifaximin is a good drug to treat. It isn’t absorbed into the bloodstream very well so it stays in your digestive track killing bacteria. Hope the Cipro worked. I am enjoying reading your posts. I am so happy that you are posting about your trip. Keep it up and be safe. – PaleBuddha

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