What have I been up to?

I didn’t fall off the face of the planet, I promise! Quite the opposite – I’ve been enjoying one adventure after another!

I would like to reiterate that I have decided to really blog when I am finished with my trip. This will allow me to really live in the moment and enjoy every second of my travels. Don’t worry, I am still taking notes on what I did each day so I will have plenty of stories to tell when I return. I also plan to redesign my blog – I am looking to possibly hire a web designer so I can get away from these already-made WordPress templates (does anyone know a web designer that doesn’t charge too much?)

For now, I will give you a little recap of what I have been up to since I last blogged (I know it has been a long time!!):

First of all, today marks exactly 2 months since I started traveling and this means I am half-way through my travels already! I cannot believe it. In the first 2 months, I traveled to 3 different countries and changed my travel plans twice. In the last 2 months, I plan to travel to 3 or 4 countries (Sumatra, Australia, Peru & the possible 4th is a secret right now!)

I am currently in Phuket, Thailand and today is actually the first day that I have done nothing but relax since I left home. Okay, that’s actually a lie – I’ve been doing a lot of research and writing all day but the point is, I haven’t HAD to do anything today. Many people think travelers do nothing but relax most of the time – well, I am here to tell you this is far from the truth. I am not saying I’d rather be sitting in a 9-5 office job Monday through Friday (no, I don’t miss that at all), but travel is quite stressful (though I do think it’s usually a good kind of stress) and I have been busy and on the go nonstop! I truly am not complaining at all though.

Before Phuket, where was I? I was in Kyrgyzstan (last minute spontaneous decision to travel there, more on that later!) and then I traveled to Thailand, where I stayed in Bangkok for one week and Koh Chang for one week. Koh Chang was a perfect mix of peace and adventure – I rode and bathed an elephant, rode around the island twice on a motorbike (and got very sunburnt in the process) and spent a day on a boat and snorkeled around 3 islands with Thai friends. What did I do in Bangkok? Eat! Really, that’s pretty much it because it was too hot to do anything else. Now I am in Phuket and will stay here for 6 days. I am here to do 2 boat day trips and relax on the beach and in my air conditioned, nice hotel room before I head off to a destination I have been dreaming about for as long as I can remember: Sumatra, Indonesia! Why am I going there? Simply to do a jungle trek to see my absolute favorite animal, the orangutan, in the wild. They are extremely endangered and this will be a dream come true for me to see them in their natural environment. I wish someone was traveling with me if only to film me when I first see an orangutan… I cry at the zoo when I see them so I cannot even imagine how I will be in Sumatra!!

I’ve met some really incredible people, eaten some amazing food and seen some beautiful places and I am really looking forward to the next two months!!!