A Simply Beautiful Day in Dublin

Today is not even over yet, but it has been a sweet, simple beautiful day in Dublin. I am so happy.

I started off my day by having brunch at Brother Hubbard with my dear friend K. Brother Hubbard is an adorable little cafe that whips up some of the most gorgeous and delicious food you’ve ever seen/eaten. K and I have decided we will go there on a biweekly if not weekly basis… so in love with this precious discovery!

K and I both had the Eggs Menemen (“a classic Turkish dish of soft scrambled eggs, with a whipped feta yogurt, kalamata olives, fresh mint & other herbs with red onion, a roast pepper & tomato sauce & a little fresh chili, served with baby spinach leaves & toasted sourdough”) and I had a glass of fresh orange juice and K had their fantastic hot chocolate. We also split a cinnamon and walnut pastry. My mouth is watering again just typing this.

Eggs Menemen @ Brother Hubbard

Eggs Menemen @ Brother Hubbard

Brother Hubbard is set up French style in the way that if you are only two people, you will be sitting at a table with other people. This ended up working out beautifully for us because we sat with a lovely Irish brother and sister duo. They were lovely people, very friendly and funny – incredibly entertaining. They ended up asking us to help choose a pastry and they wanted to share with us. They even ordered a glass of prosecco and shared that with us! Their friendliness blew our minds but little did I know what was to come. He disappeared for a few minutes and I thought he was going to the toilet or something. He came back and they got ready to leave which is when he informed us that he payed for our brunch.

What?! Excuse me!?

We were in shock. Complete and utter shock, in the best way possible. I couldn’t believe his kindness. To the dear brother and sister that we sat next to, if you ever read this, thank you so very much. People like you give me hope for humanity and for the world. I do hope we meet again.

Then, I went on a little journey 20 km outside of the city centre to my host family’s house where I used to live. On my journey there, it was a typical awful Irish winter day – cold and very rainy. By the time I got off at my bus stop, it was one hour away from sunset, the rain had stopped and the low sun was shining in a beautiful way. The pavement was wet from the recent rain, the mountains looked gorgeous in the distance and the smell of lit fireplaces filled the air. I happily walked the 10 minute walk to my old home, realizing I had missed this area of Dublin.

What a simple day full of happiness. I wish you all a lovely weekend.

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