My feelings one year ago

Being the extraordinarily nostalgic person that I am, I’ve been overwhelmed with the following thoughts lately. Exactly one year ago, I remember precisely how I was feeling. I worked my last day at my job 2 days ago, and now had 6 full days to complete final preparations for my first round the world trip. My anxiety was through the roof. The below post links to a post I wrote over one year ago – 3 weeks before I left on my trip. My feelings only intensified as the trip got closer. By this time, I had accepted that I made the right decision and excitement was starting to kick in but this doesn’t mean that my anxiety lessened. I was worried about my first major long haul flight (a flight longer than 9 hours) – only because I don’t sleep on planes so I was worried about how exhausted I would be. I was stressed about packing (carry on only! for the first time) because I hadn’t started yet. I was worried about getting Delhi belly and any other strange sicknesses on the road. I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get everything done and making sure I saw everyone before I left. I was wondering why I only gave myself one week and should I have quit my job sooner to give me more time? Above all, I was so very proud of myself for actually taking the leap to go on such an incredible trip. I was a “real” traveler now and it felt so good.

It’s mad for me to think that’s it’s already been a whole year since I was feeling a crazy amount of emotions at one time. If I could turn back time, I would love to do it all over again – and I wouldn’t change a thing. One year later and I am living in Ireland, a month and a half away from finishing my first year of my Master’s degree. Life is crazy and I love it.

How I was feeling 3 weeks before leaving for my RTW trip

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