(The Best of) Dining in Dublin (and Cork, Edinburgh, London, Bournemouth & Brighton)

I am at a point in my life where, more than ever, food brings me pure happiness and joy. I appreciate good food more than I ever have before. If you haven’t eaten recently, you may not want to look at this post. Take this as a warning that you will be hungry after looking at these photos!

This post is mostly a photo blog showcasing some of my favourite foods I’ve eaten since returning to Dublin in August (with little commentary).

Eggs Menemen @ Brother Hubbard

Eggs Menemen @ Brother Hubbard, Dublin

By far my favourite dish on Brother Hubbard’s menu!


Moroccan Special @ Brother Hubbard, Dublin

Cinnamon & walnut scroll @ Brother Hubbard, Dublin


Kilkenny Cafe and Restaurant, Dublin


Fish Tacos @ P.Mac’s, Dublin

P.Mac’s has delicious fish tacos! I’ve had them many times!!


Scottish breakfast cooked by my friend’s mum – Edinburgh

I am so addicted to square sausage.


Cafe Mexicana, Cork

This photo isn’t too great because it’s dark in the restaurant but I have loved this place since 2010. It was so nice to return in January.


Shandon Bells B&B – Breakfast room – Cork

The B&B I stayed at in January has the most gorgeous breakfast room overlooking the River Lee!


Shandon Bells B&B – Breakfast room – Cork


Full Irish Breakfast @ Shandon Bells B&B – Cork

They also make one of the most gorgeous Irish breakfasts I’ve ever had.


Real Olive Co. @ English Market – Cork

Every day I am in Cork, I have to get olives here! They are so so good.


Open sandwich of smoked salmon with poached egg, cucumber, a lemon, caper, dill & crème fraiche dressing, spinach & sumac @ Brother Hubbard, Dublin


Lemon & ricotta cake (wheat-free) served with a passion fruit syrup & a little yoghurt @ Brother Hubbard, Dublin

This was freakin AMA-ZING. K & I shared it and after our first bite, our faces were priceless.


French toast with rashers and a poached egg @ Cinnamon, Dublin


Eggs Benedict with rashers @ Bibi’s, Dublin


Cornucopia, Dublin

Cornucopia is a fabulous vegetarian restaurant and their food is delish! Amazing portion sizes as well!


Pulled Duck, Leek & Cucumber on Toasted Brioche Bun, Crispy Shallots, Hoi Sin Salad @ The Kitchen, Dublin


Reuben Croquettes @ P.Mac’s, Dublin

My favourite dish at P.Mac’s. My jaw dropped to the floor after my first bite.


French Toast @ Bibi’s, Dublin


Crepe @ Sprinkles, Bournemouth


Hot chocolate @ Caffe Nero, Bournemouth


Bill’s – Brighton


Bill’s – Brighton


Bill’s – Brighton

Bill’s is the most “Pinterest perfect” place I’ve ever been. I LOVE it here!


Bibi’s – Brunch – Dublin


Bibi’s – Brunch – Dublin


Brunch @ Bibi’s – Dublin (Turkish eggs & Butternut squash eggs)


My favourite brunch spot in Dublin!


Room Service @ Sofitel Heathrow, London

E & I stayed here in January and not only was it hands down the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in, their food made me say “OMG” after every single bite. Everything I tried there (including their breakfast) is the definition of gorgeous food. I would literally fly to London just to eat here again. Not exaggerating.


Fruit platter @ Sofitel Hotel Heathrow


Salmon @ Sofitel Hotel Heathrow


Pizza @ Sofitel Hotel Heathrow


Tastebuds Special (hot cheesy parcel, fried egg, hash brown, grilled Cyprus halloumi, spicy beef sausage (sucuk), olives, Feta cheese, tomatoes & cucumber served with a baguette) @ Tastebuds, Winton/Bournemouth

Any time I see something unique on a menu, I usually order it. I loved the description of this platter and it didn’t disappoint. Tastebuds is the most precious place to eat and made my eyes well up with happy tears. Additionally, Winton in the cutest town on the face of the earth.


Boojum – Dublin

Lastly, but certainly not least, the best burrito/burrito bowl in Dublin: Boojum. Boojum has had my heart since the first time I tried it in 2010. I typically go once weekly (though I went twice this past weekend!) and it is always the highlight of my week. Not only is the food so good and fresh, the staff is so friendly and that alone makes me want to go back. (Fun fact: Boojum has 5 locations across Ireland and Northern Ireland and I’ve been to 4 of them so far!)

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