In Love (with Ireland)

Anyone who knows me is going to be slightly shocked (amazed is probably a better word) by this post. I fell in love with Ireland the second my plane landed in September 2010. In fact, I’ve been in love with Ireland my whole life. I’ve always been fascinated by this amazingly green country and it’s as if I’ve always known this is my home.

Well, I thought I loved Ireland. I didn’t think I could love it more than I did from September 2010 up until about one month ago. I was wrong.


I have recently started falling harder for Ireland and in particular, Dublin. I know – how can I possibly love Ireland more than I did?! Dublin was never my favourite spot in Ireland until about one month ago. Dublin has always been my favourite capital city in the world, but I’ve always loved the rest of Ireland a bit more than Dublin.

Up until recently, Cork was my favourite. I will always have a very special place in my heart for Cork – after all, the Cork accent is my absolute favourite!! But I think Dublin has won me over. Why?

Dublin has EVERYTHING. Depending on where you are, Dublin can feel like a big city or it can feel like a small town. Dublin has the sea and it also has mountains. What more could you want?

I am loving living in the city centre for now but don’t want to stay here forever. I would love to live outside of town when I am settled to have access to peace and quiet in addition to the excitement of town.

If you’re reading this and you know me personally, you will be very happy to know that I am happy. So happy. I continue to appreciate every little moment I am here. How did I get so lucky to find my favourite place in the world, the one place in the world that truly feels like home?

5 thoughts on “In Love (with Ireland)

  1. That sounds so great. I did not find that very place for me personally, yet. But I’ve not been Ireland, too. So maybe it would Dublin or the whole country, too. At least, thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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