Moving Emotions

My next blog post will be back on topic about Iceland, but I really felt the need to write this post for myself. I have been feeling a roller coaster of emotions lately and feel my sadness will go away once I’ve written and published these thoughts.

I moved to a new apartment exactly 2 weeks ago. Before moving, I genuinely had never been so excited for an event. I didn’t expect to miss my old apartment as much as I do. Having said that, I LOVE my new apartment. It’s so beautiful, modern and spacious. We have super high ceilings (looks great, though it’s freezing in here!!), large bedrooms, large wardrobes (so large, we could probably airbnb the space for people to sleep in…) and massive windowsills we could literally sit in. I love everything about the apartment except for 1) the small fridge and 2) how cold it is. I am living with my best friend and am very happy here. It feels like home.

Today, I officially have to say goodbye once and for all to my old apartment. My first apartment in Dublin. Actually, my first apartment in general. Maybe that’s why this is so painful for me. I found my old apartment exactly one year ago today, so I suppose it’s only fitting that today is the last time I get to step foot inside of it to collect the last few items I own. In memory of my previous apartment, here’s a list of things I love and miss about it:

– The location. It is located in the city centre and was SO HANDY. I could see the following from my window: a bus stop, the train/DART station, the Luas (tram), the bus to the airport, a taxi rank – aka every form of transport I could ever possibly need. It is also located near everything you could ever need: grocery store, pharmacy, euro shops, great take away food options.

– My SuperValu (grocery store). It was literally a 1 minute walk from the apartment and I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say I went there 5-6 days per week, every week. It was so handy to stop by on my way home from work or when I was cooking dinner and forgot an ingredient. I got to know a lot of the employees there and the saddest thing is, there is no SuperValu anywhere near me now.

– Pig and Heifer. This is a New York-style deli and they make the best sandwiches in town. They have a few locations but this location is easily the best. The staff is incredibly friendly and knew me and what I liked on my sandwich. It felt like a family and it is located next door to my old apartment.

– Walking upstairs. I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me I was going to miss this, but I really miss walking upstairs to get to my apartment. My old apartment was located on the 2nd floor (3rd floor to Americans) and the lift/elevator was not reliable at all – it broke down nearly every week. I genuinely enjoyed taking the stairs and my new apartment is on the ground floor. No forced automatic exercise for me anymore.

– My landlord. I could cry thinking about how wonderful he is. He is such a kind man and I think of him as my Irish grandfather. He fixed everything we asked him to quickly and he was there for me to calm me down (over the phone) when I was robbed in June. The new tenants of my old apartment have no idea how lucky they are.

– The floors. The entire apartment (with the exception of the kitchen and bathroom) had beautiful wood floors. My new apartment has carpeting – thank goodness it’s attractive carpet, but I am a sucker for wood floors! I know I will be thankful for carpet in winter, but still.

– The kettle and pots. This list is getting ridiculous, I know. I miss the kettle in my old apartment dearly. It was much more solid and clean compared to the one we have now. The pots were brand new and stainless steel and perfect. I’m a kitchen nerd.

– The random, occasional protests outside of my window. I lived opposite one of the main train stations in Dublin and Dubliners love to protest the water charges. There were multiple times they would begin the all-day protests outside of my window and even though it may sound like a nuisance, it was the opposite of that. They never began early in the morning and it was always good entertainment. It really gave my sister and I a good laugh because they put on quite a colourful protest when she was visiting me.

– I miss the route I would take home to my old apartment when I was coming home from work. It would take me down Grafton Street, past Trinity College and to the Spire. I must say I appreciated this walk every single day – even in the rain. I also miss my walk to Trinity which would take me over a bridge with a view of the Samuel Beckett bridge (the “harp” bridge).

– I desperately miss being only a 12 minute walk from the gym. I get to work out at my college for free and the back gate of Trinity was only a 12 minute walk from my old apartment. It now takes me 35 minutes to walk to the gym, which definitely makes me less inclined to go.

– I miss being steps away from the Docklands – loved walking there.

– Being so close to the IFSC aka Dublin’s “financial district”. I loved seeing men in suits all the time!!

– Having a dryer!!!! In my old apartment, there was a washing machine/dryer combo and it was fantastic. My new apartment only has a washing machine. I only ever used the dryer for sheets, but since I just washed sheets this morning for the first time in my new apartment, I am desperately missing having a dryer! It will be a nightmare in winter when things take ages to dry.

– The warmth of my old apartment. I didn’t enjoy this in summer, but in winter it was great because we never had to use much heat. Cheap electric bills!!

– I had a really nice desk in my old apartment and do not have one now.

– I also miss having Subway (for pre-airport trips and a quick, cheap lunch), a noodle bar and a really nice Thai restaurant next to my apartment.

You are probably wondering why I left my old apartment if it was so perfect. It wasn’t perfect and the reason I left was because of the only downside to the apartment: the noise from the street. The entire apartment (with the exception of the bathroom) faced the street which is a main street in Dublin. Cars consistently drove by 24 hours a day. I somewhat got used to the noise, but only about 50% of the time. Half of the time, I was able to ignore the street noise and the other half, I wasn’t and it really bothered me. Yes, I used a white noise machine to help block out the noise. If my old apartment was located in the back of the building, I’d still be there and probably would never leave. My new apartment is in a very quiet location and I am definitely sleeping better.

In a couple hours, I will go back for the last time to collect a few items I left behind and say goodbye. Now that I’ve written this post, I feel like I can mourn my old apartment and move on. It’s time.

Have you ever moved and felt similar emotions?