First Impressions of San Diego

I have officially lived in San Diego for one week, as of tonight. Prior to moving here, I had not visited. I truly had no idea what to expect. I’m publishing this post so that, in six month’s + time, I can look back on it and laugh at my preconceived notions and first observations.


  1. Where is the sun?! I arrived on Friday evening, 31st May. I did not see the sun until Wednesday afternoon – and it was only out briefly! Thanks to my life wife driving down to see me on my second day, I learned about “May Gray” and “June Gloom”. I had never heard of this before and was/am shocked that San Diego has looked more like Ireland during my first week here.
  2. It is MASSIVE. Before arriving, I looked at maps of San Diego many times. I knew about the many neighbourhoods, but I still thought SD was fairly small. It is so spread out and has, so far, coming from Ireland, overwhelmed me! I pictured loads of people cycling around, not driving around! (On the same note, I did not picture this many highways!!)
  3. TRAFFIC!!! Traffic, traffic, traffic! Anyone from Los Angeles or any of the other bigger cities, please don’t laugh at me… I absolutely realise SD traffic is nothing in comparison, but for me, coming from Ireland… this has been my greatest shock. I’ve driven a lot in my first week and have spent a lot of that time sitting in traffic. On the same subject, SD is a lot more crowded than I expected.
  4. I haven’t yet seen the “relaxed” atmosphere SD is so famous for. Granted, I haven’t had time to get to the coast and relax myself (I spent the majority of my first six days car shopping, ugh), so that’s probably why. Time will tell!
  5. Where is the dry air?! I grew up knowing SD was known for having dry air. So far, it’s been quite humid. Nothing in comparison to Florida of course, but still! I was looking forward to not having frizzy hair, but I still do!
  6. Petrol is so expensive.
  7. The taco shops and Mexican food in general are/is going to spoil me for life. I love cooking and pride myself on cooking most of my meals, but I’m thinking I’ll probably be cooking less in SD!!

I’ll edit this as I think of more!

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