Reflecting on “30”

Today is my last day being “30”. I simply want to take a moment to reflect on my 30th year…

30 challenged me in ways I never, ever expected. I had to uproot my life unexpectedly and leave the place I consider home, just days after turning 30, and rebuild my life. Some highlights of the year include:

– Celebrating my birthday in Copenhagen with a very dear friend
– Spending quality time with my family, something I hadn’t had in years
– Being present for my Gram’s celebration of life
– I got to enjoy going to yoga classes with my Dad for 9 months, which was the coolest experience
– Enjoying tubing down Rainbow River and swimming in the springs
– Reading the Harry Potter series – FINALLY!!
– Seeing my sister perform in Universal Studios’ Holiday parade
– Seeing my life wife get married (and visiting her hometown)
– Assisting my parents in moving out West – goodbye Florida!!
– Career shift – successfully beginning my career in International Education
– Moving to San Diego
– Successfully completing my first business trip/coordinating my first program abroad (in London)

I have not had any time to process the fact that I will be 31 tomorrow. It absolutely blows my mind that I’m this age and I don’t know how it happened! My greatest goal for 31 is to explore San Diego and to hopefully feel settled in the next year.