Student Stress

I am the world’s worst postgraduate student. I am currently sat in the library on my college campus. Instead of writing my literature review for my dissertation, I decided to Google “I hate writing literature reviews” and read experiences of others who hate this process as much as I do. Could I be any more unproductive if I tried?! In addition to that distraction, I always seem to be very motivated to blog when I am supposed to be in academia-mode. *insert smirk here*

The purpose of this (mostly pointless) blog post is so I have a reference in one year’s time and beyond. I want to remind myself of the extreme stress I am under when, after I graduate, I think to myself “I think I’d like to go back to college to get another degree” or “I miss being a student”. There are a lot of things I will miss about being a student: namely 1) a major excuse to not work full-time/not have to enter the “real world” (I really enjoy the variety of student work + a part-time job) and 2) student discounts. However, I refuse to miss the constant stress and pressure I always seem to put on myself… not to mention LITERATURE REVIEWS. I am not exaggerating when I say that phrase alone makes me physically nauseated. There is so much information and research out there and I find it very difficult to focus and narrow my reading. When I try to write, I can’t because I have too much floating in my brain and I become very overwhelming and nervous. I also have a way of making everything overly difficult for myself. My flatmate K does, too – this is one of the many reasons we get on so well. I’ve managed to choose a topic that would work very well as a Ph.D. topic, but not so much as a Master’s topic! It’s good to be ambitious, right? (The correct answer is: no, not in this situation!)

Colourful breakfast at Brother Hubbard. This was a great start to a day spent in the library!

Colourful breakfast at Brother Hubbard. This was a great start to a day spent in the library!

My goal is to (start and) finish my lit review before I go home at the beginning of December. I am the world’s slowest writer and truly do not think I can conquer this in 6 weeks, but I really am going to try my best. I’m quite excited for what comes after the lit review: my actual study and the post write-up! I realise I may not be as excited during the actual process, but I can’t imagine it’s as bad as the LR.

If you’re reading this and have unique lit review tips – please leave them in the comments! This is the first proper full lit review I’ve ever had to write and I cannot wait until it’s over.

I promise the next post is going to be Iceland, days 5 & 6!